A Partnership between Doctors of BC and the Government of BC

  • "Patients understand their conditions. I feel we're getting somewhere. They feel they're getting somewhere."

  • "The real story here is about patient care. GPs are now able to improve the quality of care for thousands of British Columbians. "

The General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) recognizes the challenges facing BC physicians today and supports BC doctors by developing and implementing programs that improve job satisfaction for family physicians (FPs) and primary health care for patients.

The GPSC was formed in 2002 as a partnership between the BC Ministry of Health (MoH) and Doctors of BC. Its key role is to encourage and enhance full-service family practice to the benefit of patients.

It also offers an expanded role for BC doctors in determining the future direction of health care through mutually identified initiatives around quality patient care and system-wide improvements. Learn More

A GP for Me

A GP for Me, sometimes called the Attachment initiative, helps people who want a family doctor get one, and supports the relationship between patients and family doctors. The program recognizes that doctor-patient relationships are vital to patient health and that family physicians are central to primary care delivery.

While A GP for Me will not provide an instant solution for everyone who is looking for a doctor, over time it will help increase access to primary care, strengthen continuous doctor-patient relationships, and lead to better health outcomes for patients and a more sustainable health care system. Learn More

Full-service Family Practice (FP) Incentive Program

The Family Practice (FP) Incentive Program supports and compensates GP delivery of guideline-informed care in such areas as chronic disease management, maternity care, mental health, and care for the frail and elderly. Learn More

The Practice Support Program (PSP)

The Practice Support Program (PSP) was launched in 2007 with two objectives: to improve care for patients throughout the province and to increase job satisfaction among BC general practitioners (GPs). The program offers focused, accredited training sessions for BC physicians and their medical office assistants (MOAs) to help them improve practice efficiency and to support enhanced delivery of patient care. Learn More

Divisions of Family Practice

Divisions of Family Practice are community-based affiliations of family physicians working together to achieve common health care goals.

The Divisions initiative provides physicians with a stronger collective voice in their community while supporting them to improve their clinical practices, offer comprehensive patient services, and engage with their local health authority to enhance their ability to deliver care. Learn More